Thursday, March 3, 2011

Unexpected Preschool Interruption

We do a co-op style preschool with some other moms and kids from church.  It's my turn to teach preschool this month, so yesterday the four kids were sitting around my dining room table, workbooks ready, pencils out.  I began the directions for their workbook page, when Maryam said, "Oh, sorry.  My phone is ringing."  She proceeded to pull an old cell phone we let them play with from her pocket and answer it!  I explained to her that it is against the rules to use a cell phone at school and that I would have to take her cell phone away if she used it anymore.  She put the phone back in her pocket and we continued with our lesson.  A few minutes later she said, "Oops!  I forgot to turn off my phone.  It's ringing again."  I told her that when I was teaching high school, if a student used their cell phone I would take it away from them; so she better not use her phone again!  What a precocious little girl!  Thankfully, she got the message the second time and we didn't have another cell phone ringing in class.

The similarities between teaching preschool and teaching high school are uncanny, don't you think?

Caught Up . . . Mostly. . . and Baby Update

I think I'm caught up with posting about major events I missed.  I need to download pictures off the camera again so I can post about Valentine's Day.  And of course I need to post more pictures of the babies.  They are growing so fast!  I can't believe they will be five months old next week!

Here are the stats from their four month doctor appointment:
Braden:                       Natalie:
11 lbs 10 oz                10 lbs 3 oz
25 1/4 inches               23 1/4 inches
16 inch head                16 1/2 inch head

I guess they are a bit small for their age; they are low in the percentiles.  But their doctor thinks they are growing nicely so far.  They started eating oatmeal baby cereal about a month ago, and they love it!  They are consistently sleeping through the night, and I love that!  Natalie just started trying to give me kisses this week.  What a sweet girl!  She was struggling with lifting her head while on her tummy, but after just one visit to the physical therapist she is doing much better.  I think the PT will be pleased with Natalie's progress when we see her again in a couple of weeks.  Braden loves to smile and talk, but he seems to have a red-head temper too.  When he gets really mad, he sure lets us know by screaming. 

Both babies are trying to roll over.  Natalie is getting close to mastering the roll from tummy to back, especially since the momentum from her (large) head gives her an advantage.  Braden had one successful roll from back to front, but hasn't repeated that performance--maybe because he fell off the couch doing so.  I was nursing the babies, when Peyton yelled to me that the toilet was overflowing.  I quickly set the babies down on the couch and ran to contain the flood, while instructing Peyton and Maryam to bring towels as fast as they could.  We had just about cleaned up all the water when I heard a loud thump followed a second of two later by a loud wail.  I knew immediately what had happened.  Poor little Braden somehow rolled himself off the couch onto the floor.  He was not hurt, but he managed to scare himself--and me--quite well.  

Our days never seem to be dull, even if we don't get out of the house.  Four small children demand a lot of attention.  (I'm sure you already knew that, right?)  Tobin is working like crazy since it's busy season, and some days I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy.  Ah, parenthood!  What a life!  Seriously, though, I'm really enjoying being home with my kids full time.  That truly is a blessing.  Before I know it they will all be in school and I will have the rest of my life to work.  These years with young children are so precious!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catch Up Post #6 - New Year's Eve

We partied with Auntie Kristyn, Uncle Trenton, and cousin Samantha for New Year's Eve.  The highlight of the evening was playing Rock Band on their Wii, which they were kind enough to bring to our house.  Everyone had a great time, and the babies slept right through all the noise!

The Gang

Peyton on drums - Rockin! 

Uncle Trent

Sammy and Aunt Kristyn

Babies Snoozing

Maryam and Sammy rockin out

Peyton on guitar

Sammy and Kristyn

Go Tobin!

Tobin and Maryam - Great vocals!

Kris, Trent, and Sammy spent the night at our house so they wouldn't have to drive home late.  The super treat for Tobin and me was that Trent and Kris got up in the night to feed the babies, so we got a full night's sleep!  It was so nice to sleep for six hours straight for the first time in a couple months. 

Catch Up Post #5 - California Academy of Science

One of the fun things we did over Christmas break was a trip to the California Academy of Science with Peyton's friend Gavin and his dad.  The kids had fun seeing all their favorite things again.  They even got to see two live reindeer!  We discovered one of my favorite things at the Academy of Science on this trip - the Explorers Cove.  It's a play room for children ages 0-5 and their adults.  The number of children in the room is limited, so we had to wait a few minutes to get in, but it was well worth the wait.  It's a completely enclosed area with a tree house and a ship and lots of toys and puzzles for the kids.  What a super place for parents to take a break and let the little ones play freely for a bit!



Peyton next to a butterfly (while we waited to get in the rainforest) 

Maryam and the butterfly

The kids enjoyed the see-saw at the aquarium

And this is how the babies enjoyed the trip

Tobin livin' it up!

Lydia - so glad to be out of the house!

Catch up Post #4 - Christmas

I think I'll let the pictures do most of the talking for this one.  Our Christmas was a nice, fairly quiet day.  We had fun watching the older kids open their presents in the morning while the babies were sleeping.  Trent and Kristyn and Aunt Sally joined us for dinner that afternoon/evening.  It was a great day with family.

Peyton had a pretty sporty Christmas.  His gifts included a basketball hoop, indoor putting set, light sabers, and a playground ball.

Maram's Christmas was girly.  Her gifts included a remote control MLP plane, barbies, tiara and earrings, and a mirror from India (thanks to Uncle Ray!).

Peyton and Maryam with their stockings

Peyton and Tobin playing with light sabers

Peyton trying out his new putting set

Maryam opening her remote contol My Little Pony airplane

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the kids in their Christmas church outfits. That's one of my favorite things, but getting four kids ready for 9 am church is a serious challenge. There is no time for pictures! And by the time we get home, everyone is hungry. Again, no time for pictures.