Sunday, December 20, 2009

Going to the Snow

Ok, I know it sounds really strange, but in the Bay Area we don't get snow. So we have to "go to the snow." Well, a couple of weeks ago on Sunday night/Monday morning it snowed very close to our house. I was so disappointed that it didn't actually snow at our house! Then again, I don't really want to drive in snow with people from California. Anyway, there was snow on the hills just outside of Pittsburg and the mountain nearby. And there were some nearby cities that actually got snow in town.

As soon as I had free time Monday, the kids and I packed up to go find the snow. We drove all the way to Danville (about 30 miles) and up the windy road to Mount Diablo State Park . . . only to find that the roads were closed and we could not get to the snow that day. Peyton and Maryam were very disappointed, but we did get to visit Daddy at work instead. On Tuesday, I was determined to try again. This time, I called the state park to make sure the roads were open first. Then, we made the trek to Danville again--ok, it's really not that far for us. Tobin drives farther for work every day.

The twins and our friend's daughter that we babysit during the week and I finally made it to see snow on Tuesday. We stopped at the first big patch of snow we saw. What a great time! We had a snowball fight and hiked around the picnic area for a bit. We tried to eat our snack at the picnic table, but it was much too cold. Our poor little friend was shivering from the cold! So we packed up and headed to McDonalds for lunch.

It was a short trip, but fun nonetheless. The kids and I all really enjoyed the snow! Maybe next time (read: 7-10 years from now) we'll actually get some at our house.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Have Lost My Mind

I knew it would happen someday, but I thought it would be much later in my life. I just can't seem to get my mind back in gear lately. I had a week off from my babysitting gig for Thanksgiving. Breaks from work always throw me out of my routine, but usually I can get back on track pretty quickly. Well, the week after Thanksgiving was out of the norm as well because I went to Las Vegas with Tobin for a work conference (his work, not mine). I had three days of relaxing with no obligations or responsibilities . . . in the middle of the week!

This week, it's as if my mind has determined that it will stay on vacation permanently. I can't remember what day it is or what appointments I have. I know I'm forgetting things that need to be done. And today I took my twins to preschool 30 minutes early, without realizing that we were early until the mom who was teaching mentioned it. Oops! I'm so embarrassed! I don't know what is wrong with me. If I didn't know better, I would think I am pregnant. But I know better. I'm definitely NOT pregnant. What, then, is my excuse?