Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quick Update

Peyton (not sure what that face is about), Mor Mor (my mom), Maryam, Braden, and Natalie

I can't believe two months have already passed! What a whirlwind!

Braden Anders and Natalie Catherine were born October 8th at 2:56 am and 3:01 am. I'll post more about their birth soon (hopefully). Since then, my days have been filled with nursing/diapering/soothing babies, caring for and playing with Peyton and Maryam, trying to keep up with my house, hosting Thanksgiving and baby blessings, and very little sleep. I'm starting to feel like I have the hang of this, and we sort of have a normal schedule. Sort of. I actually made it to church today--for the second week in a row. And the babies and I stayed for all three hours of church for the first time since they were born. I haven't attended three hours of church for about three months now. During the last month of this pregnancy I would go for Sacrament Meeting and then come home to rest. I'm really proud of us for staying the whole time today. That was my goal last week too, but it just didn't work.

Peyton gave his first talk in Primary today. He did about half of the first sentence, looked up, saw all the kids and teachers, and got stage fright. He started to cry, and Tobin had to give the rest of the talk for him. Poor kid! He was so excited to give a talk. Maryam has given two this year, and each time Peyton was disappointed that he didn't get a turn yet. He decided to be proactive and a couple weeks ago he asked the Primary presidency if he could give a talk. Hopefully next time he won't be so frightened and will give the talk himself.

I'm sure there's so much more to post, but I'm out of time. The babies are hungry . . . again! That is the story of my life right now. I'm savoring every moment with these precious miracles. This is the last time we'll have babies in our house. I know I'm going to long for these days again later, so I'm soaking in every minute right now.