Friday, September 25, 2009

Family Pictures

Here are a few of the family pictures we took on my birthday. I love them! When I looked at them the first time, I said to Tobin, "I don't remember aging!" Not that I think we look old, but I think we look grown up. Strange! I guess we're not young newly-weds anymore. But I do think we look better than when we were first married. A few years and some life experience look good on us!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Fun

Well, last year was a big, exciting birthday celebration. This year was quiet and simple. Both were really nice. Tobin's parents were in town for a week, leaving last Saturday (my birthday), so we had a birthday party Friday night. It was small, just Tobin and the kids, Tobin's parents, Tobin's brother and his wife and daughter, and a couple close friends and their two girls. We had pepper steak for dinner (think stir fry but better!) and the ginormous chocolate cake from Costco. Yummy!

Saturday morning I went to my sister-in-law's house to get my hair trimmed. When I got home the house was empty. Tobin and the kids had gone to pick up my birthday present. When they got home they had two big boxes for me . . . . matching office chairs for our (really my) desks. We have hardwood floors in our living room and have been talking for a long time about how nice it would be to have rolling chairs at the desks. Since I'm doing a little work from home now, I'm spending more time at the desk, so the new chairs are really nice! We had a nice relaxing afternoon putting together my new chairs and hanging out around the house. In the evening we had family pictures taken and went out for frozen yogurt.

All in all, it was uneventful and perfect. I'm so glad to have new office chairs, and I'm really excited to see the pictures we took. All of the family pictures in our house are about a year old. You probably have heard by now that Tobin has lost 70+ pounds since January. I can't wait to put up some pictures with my hot, skinny hubby!

Thanks, Tobin, for a quiet, peaceful, happy birthday!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Air Quotes

Last night we had family scripture reading, and then were sitting on my bed talking with the twins. We have a lot going on in the next few days, and we were trying to tell the kids about some of the things we'll be doing. We told them that tonight they will be having a pajama party with two of their friends and Daddy while the mommies go to a movie.

Maryam said, "Mom is going to a 'movie'!" using her fingers to correctly gesture air quotes with the word movie. She also used correct sarcastic intonation. We asked her if she knows what that gesture means. She said, "Yes. It means two plus equals." ??? We have no idea what "two plus equals" is or how she came up with it. She usually says that when we are talking about numbers or a calculator. What a crack up!

Super Cute Totes!

I just stumbled across a link to a blog with super cute totes available through an Etsy shop. I'm not really familiar with Etsy, but I'm going to learn! These are awesome! And there is a drawing this month for the tote shown below. Check it out at!