Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mistake or Mischief

Maryam didn't finish her sandwich at lunch today, so I asked her to put it in the fridge. Later, this is what I found. My daughter is a smart girl, so I'm trying to decide if I think she was being lazy, snarky, or silly. I guess next time I need to give more explicit instructions . . . bag first, then fridge, girlie!
cute Peyton just wanted his picture taken with the fridge
the culprit and her brother
Yes, that is her Halloween costume. She loves to dress up!

Our "Garden"

Our town house has a deck out back, but no real yard. When we had the deck built, we asked them to include a planting area, which is filled with calla lillies and irises. This year I really wanted to grow some vegetables too. In April I bought three pots and a few plants and we were on our way.
Peyton and Maryam helped me plant one cucumber, one pear tomato, one cherry tomato, and two beef steak tomatoes. We even roped Tobin into helping, since I'm not really supposed to be lifting heavy things like bags of soil and full pots.
Tobin worried that our little potted garden would die, since I have a bad track record of remembering to water potted plants. I promised him I would be much more diligent about watering. Lucky for me, we had quite a rainy spring, so the plants have done pretty well, even if I did forget to water now and then.

Getting Started

You can see my callas and irises in the background and on the right.


This past week we have enjoyed the first few tomatoes off our plants. We harvested four pear tomatoes, two cherry tomatoes, and one beef steak tomato. The larger tomato actually could have used a few more days on the vine, but it tasted AMAZING, even though it was a little under ripe. Now I'm wishing we had planted more tomatoes. Maybe next year I'll add to our collection of pots so we can add more plants to our potted "garden."

Peyton and Maryam in front of the smaller tomato plants
with the larger tomato plants
proud faces

the fruits of our labor

Daddy Daughter Date

On June 28th, Tobin took Maryam on their first official Daddy Daughter Date. Maryam was SO excited! She put on her fancy easter dress, princess sandals, and tiara. Tobin put on a button down shirt and dark jeans, so he wouldn't look too under-dressed. As soon as Maryam saw him, she told him he needed to put on a tie! This is one girl with innate romantic notions!

The cute couple went to Yogurt Pizzaz where they enjoyed some frozen yogurt and watched part of a movie showing there. Then, they went for a walk together. Maryam said her favorite part of the date was when Daddy opened the door for her because that was romantic! Look out boys, this is one girl who still believes in chivalry!

Peyton was jealous that Maryam got to go on a date with Daddy and he had to stay home with Mommy. Poor kid. His life is rough! One of these days I'll take him on a date (if he'll go with me). Maybe then he will be more excited about time alone with Mommy.

Recently Finished Projects

I was on a bit of a sewing kick and was able to finish several projects. I mentioned a couple of these before, but didn't post pictures until the packages had arrived to their recipients. Here are the fruits of my labors. I still have several projects I want to complete before the babies are born, but somehow my sewing always includes time on my floor for measuring, cutting, pinning, etc., and getting up and down from the floor is progressively harder these days. We'll see if I get anything else done . . . .

Car Seat Cover Ups

I made these for myself. I'm excited to be able to cover my babies so strangers can't just reach in whenever they want. These seem to be quite helpful when the baby is asleep, too.

Baby Quilts

The girl quilt was for my friend Cami who just had her first baby girl. (She already has three boys.) I think this is my favorite girl quilt so far.

The boy quilt was for my brother and sister-in-law, who are expecting their first baby - a boy - at the end of this month. I can't wait to meet my newest nephew!

Nursing Covers
This nursing cover is for me. I'm not sure it will be practical for nursing twins simultaneously, but at least I can use it when I need to pump in the car.

This nursing cover was for my sister-in-law, along with the baby boy quilt pictured above.

Well, that's enough projects for now. Still on the To Do list are some curtains, sleeves for a couple dresses I found on clearance for Maryam, more baby quilts/blankets to give as gifts, and a lot of scrapbooking. I think I better start prioritizing!

Family Stay-Cations

We are not traveling this summer, due to the pregnancy, but we have done a couple of fun family day trips together.

Tobin and I took the kids to the California Academy of Science in San Francisco. It has an aquarium, roof top garden, tropical garden, and much more. We probably only saw half of it, but we bought the season pass os that we can return as much as we want during the next year. The kids really loved it! A group of moms has a trip planned there for next week, and I'm really excited to go back and see some of the things we missed. Here are a few pictures of our adventure.

Peyton, Tobin, and Maryam under the aquarium

I told Maryam to put her thumbs down so her hand wouldn't block her face for the picture. She took my instructions literally!

Peyton, Tobin, and Lydia . . . photo by Maryam
Our family went to the Jelly Belly Factory with a group of moms and kids from our ward. The kids thought it was really cool. Peyton was so excited because jelly beans are his favorite treat right now! Daddy wasn't all that excited, but he humored us anyway.

Peyton, Maryam, and our friend Mikayla

Peyton and Daddy

Maryam and Lydia

Maryam, Lydia, Peyton, and Tobin

Won't Maryam love when I use this shot for her wedding video or something like that? :)