Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Still No Babies

Well, friends, my blog silence does not indicate the arrival of the newest Moon twins. It indicates my frustration with their lack of arrival. I haven't blogged because I don't want to complain. It is such a huge miracle and blessing for us to be pregnant at all. I'm so thankful Heavenly Father gave us this opportunity. That being said, can someone please get these people out of me now?!?!?!

I will reach 37 weeks as of tomorrow. That is two full weeks longer than Peyton and Maryam gestated. I'm scheduled to be induced next Thursday, if labor doesn't begin before then. I can't really imagine one more week of this torture. Tobin and I saw my doctor yesterday. The babies are looking good--and HUGE! The doctor asked how I am doing and I told him that I'm beyond miserable now. He is truly sympathetic, but he can't induce me before 38 weeks. He measured my belly and said, "No wonder you are miserable. You are measuring 6 weeks overdue!" (If I was only pregnant with one baby, that is.) He checked my cervix and found that I am about 1.5-2 cm dilated. He can't strip my membranes this early, but he did a rigorous exam. I think this is his merciful way of trying to help move things along. I get to go back to see him again next Monday, unless the babies come before then. He said he would bet I don't make it to that appointment on Monday. But then again, he thought I would have these babies around 36 weeks.

The doctor told me to do whatever I can to stay comfortable at this point: crank up the AC (it's super hot here this week), keep my feet up, rest, etc. Tobin suggested entering me in a marathon instead so we could try to get labor started. Speaking of my lovely husband, I have to mention another thing about him. When the nurse first called me back yesterday, she took my vitals, weight, etc., as usual. I stepped on the scale and watched the numbers climb, as usual. But the number kept going up and up and up. The digital display topped 200 lbs, then 214 lbs. I was flabbergasted. Just last week I weighed in at 170. My mind was reeling trying to figure out how I gained around 45 lbs in one week. The nurse saw the look of panic and confusion on my face and said, "He's playing a trick on you!" I had forgotten that Tobin likes to put his foot on the scale behind me to push the numbers up and give me a scare. He used to do it at every appointment when I was pregnant with Peyton and Maryam. He hasn't been to many appointments with me this time, so the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. Stinker! As it turns out, I only gained 2 lbs this past week. Whew!

For now, I'll just keep plugging along. Hopefully the increased cramping and lower back pain will lead to something soon! I'm really ready to reclaim my body and meet these little babies. I know I've got a tough gig between here and there, but I'm ready to face labor so I can move on from being pregnant.

P.S. I would certainly welcome your suggestions of wives tales and home remedies that will encourage the onset of labor. I am, however, unwilling to try castor oil. :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quick Update

Friday was our last "big" ultrasound for this pregnancy. Both babies are looking great, practicing breathing, and getting big. Our little boy is measuring just about right on for a baby at 34 weeks gestation. He is 5 lbs 1 oz now. Our little girl is a few days small for a baby at 34 weeks gestation. She is 4 lbs 15 oz now. Based on those measurements, it seems that these two will definitely be larger than Peyton and Maryam were when they were born. I can't wait to meet them!

I think I've reached the miserable stage now. I know every day the babies stay in my womb is better for them, so I'm really trying to stay positive and just take it one day (sometimes one hour) at a time. I'm really feeling stretched and stuffed, and I'm having a hard time catching my breath all the time. I'm starting to recognize a few of the signs that my body is getting ready for labor (besides Braxton Hicks contractions), but who knows how long I have to go. If these babies are born at the same time as Peyton and Maryam were, I just have to make it to this Thursday. But my doctor thinks they will go at least one week longer. We shall see!