Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scented Soap + 2-year-old = Call to Poison Control

We put the kids in their beds for "rest time" this afternoon, so we could get a much needed nap. It took a while to get them to stay in their room. Finally, I fell asleep. About an hour and a half later, Maryam came in my room to wake me. She said, "Mom, I need a drink of water. I have soap in my throat." Her words didn't really register at first, as I tried to surface from my sleepy stupor. So she said it again, clutching her throat, "Mom, I have soap in my throat."

As the words settled into my brain, I was suddenly fully awake, remembering the four bottles of Bath and Body Works Soap I had stashed under the sink in the kids' bathroom. I must confess that I am not the best mother in the world because this cabinet does not have a child safety lock on it. Maryam discovered the unopened bottles of soap a couple weeks ago. I instructed her not to play with them, and figured she would leave them alone. I guess curiosity got the best of her this afternoon when all the rest of us were sleeping. Three of the lids were unscrewed, and about four tablespoons of soap was missing. Yikes! I quickly turned to the back of the bottle to read the instructions for "in case of accidental ingestion." (BTW, has anyone else noticed that the print on those bottles is tiny! I could barely read it.) Of course, it said to call poison control. So I did.

Alarmed, adrenaline pumping, I informed the man on the other end that my nearly three-year-old daughter had eaten anti-bacterial soap. He calmly informed me that it would not hurt her. He asked how much she ate (as if I measured it out and watched her do it?), and I told him about 4 Tbsp is missing from the bottles. He calmly stated, "That's a lot. But it won't hurt her. Give her some water, at least four ounces. At the worst, she will vomit in the next 15 to 20 minutes." Of course I had to provide my daughter's name and my zip code before I hung up. Maryam never did throw up. I pumped water down her for a few minutes. She seems to be fine.

I don't really understand why she ate the soap, except that it smells good. Should I put regular Soft Soap or Dial in her bathroom to avoid this situation in the future? When I was pregnant, the smell of Soft Soap made me sick, and I still can't stand it. I don't even buy it anymore. That's why I switched to using the Bath and Body Works soaps exclusively. They didn't make me want to barf. But maybe they aren't such a good idea for small children. Hopefully eating soap is not a trick Maryam will want to repeat any time soon. She didn't seem to enjoy it much. Of course I had to record this story so I can remember to retell it at some embarrassing point in her future--high school graduation, wedding, when her kids eat soap or some other strange object.

I think this is the third time I have had to call poison control. Every time the kids have been ok; no doctor or ER trips required. Does this happen to anyone else?

Drill Sergeant Daddy

Disclaimer: This post contains mild potty talk. If you cannot stomach potty talk, please skip this post. :)

When I got out of the shower this morning, this is what I heard.

Daddy: (Drill Sergeant Voice) Where do we put our pee?

Peyton: In the potty!

Daddy: In the potty, sir!

Peyton: In the potty, sir!

Daddy: Where do we put our poop?

Peyton: In the potty!

Daddy: In the potty, sir!

Peyton: In the potty, sir!

Daddy: Maryam, where do we put our pee?

Maryam: In the potty.

Daddy: In the potty, sir!

Maryam: In the potty, sir!

etc . . . .

Daddy: Where do we put our pee and poop?

Peyton and Maryam: In the potty, sir!

Aparently this is our newest method for potty training. I guess we'll try anything. So far, kids' will power is winning out over all our methods. I guess they will just get the hang of it when they decide it's time. Until then, we continue to be goofy or frustrated, whichever fits the current mood.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good Friends Make the Difference

I'm so thankful for all of you, especially those who commented on my previous post. And I'm thankful for my friends here in California who I see regularly--I don't think they know about or read my blog. Anyway, the past two or three weeks have been really difficult. Trials and emotional struggles . . . . Your kind words and encouragement have really helped me turn the corner away from depression and despondance. It's so nice to know that I have people to rely on who can help to lift me up. And it's also incredibly comforting to know that I'm not the only one who struggles when I fall short.

In every situation in life, I can find something to be grateful for. I truly believe that. Thank you for helping me remember the good things I have and avoid focusing on the negative things that will last only for a moment. You are all fabulous! I hope you realize your beauty and worth.

I'm also incredibly grateful for the technology we have that makes it possible to keep in touch easily and quickly, even though we are so far away. Thanks, Stacie, for getting me to start a blog and Facebook! I feel much more connected with my friends and family than I have in a long time. That is a wonderful blessing!