Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Growing Kiddos, October 2011 (a catch up post)

I tried to get the kids to sit still for some pictures last October.  Here's what I got.  There's nothing of real portrait quality, but it's fun to see them squirm and wiggle from picture to picture.  They're growing so fast, I have to capture the images I can, frame worthy or not!
Braden and Natalie
October 2011

Maryam, Braden, Natalie, Peyton
October 2011

this one was almost perfect . . . .

A Mommy Moment (a catch up post)

Being a mommy is more than a full time job, as I'm sure you know.  Being a stay-at-home mom is the most demanding job I've ever had.  I love it!  But it also has it's share of frustrations.  Sometimes I'll escape alone to the bathroom for a few minutes to find my sanity.  Often, there are little hands knocking or pounding on the door and little voices calling for me just outside.  I decided to try to capture this moment last October.  This is what I often find when I open the door to exit the bathroom.
Peyton, Maryam, Natalie, Braden
They didn't know I was going to take a picture, but as soon as they saw my phone in camera mode, they all smiled.  Or maybe they're smiling because they're so glad to see me . . . .

My Birthday, 2011 (a catch up post)

I was struggling last year, feeling very sad--even depressed--that I had not been able to go to Utah to visit my family for a very long time.  Between being pregnant, having tiny babies, and the financial set backs that everyone is feeling in this tough economy, it has now been a little more than three years since we have been able to go to Utah or Idaho to see family.  Tobin's parents are able to come to see us several times each year, and his brother Tony and family came for Braden and Natalie's baby blessing.  My parents and a few of my siblings were also able to come for the baby blessings.  But most of my siblings had not even met my babies by last September, when they were almost a year old.

Because my siblings and their spouses and my parents are FABULOUS, they decided to bring me to Utah for my birthday last year.  I was still nursing the babies, so there was a little figuring and finagling that had to be done to make it work.  In the end, my sister Emily flew to California for a couple of days and then flew back with me so that we could bring the babies with us to Utah.  I had a wonderful time there for almost a week.  And Tobin had a wonderful time at home with just Peyton and Maryam.  It was so great to see my parents and siblings and their spouses and children.  I really miss them!


This was Braden and Natalie's first time on an airplane.  We brought the car seats and stroller to the gate with us, hoping the plane wouldn't be full.  They were flying as lap children, but since there were extra seats on the flight, we were able to bring their car seats on and not have to hold them the entire time.  With the help of a little Dimetap, they were fabulous airline passengers!  In fact, several people around us commented on their good behavior once we landed in Salt Lake City. 

Joan, Grandpa Wasden, and Natalie
We had a get together with some of the Wasden aunts and uncles, and of course Grandpa and Joan. Natalie snuggled right up to Grandpa Grape (the grandkids' name for him).  Adorable!
Renee, Lewis, and Braden
Braden could be found chilling with his Aunt Renee and Uncle Lewis.  He loves them!
Gideon (and Lewis in the background)
We got to meet Gideon, Bruce and Marissa's son who is just three months older than Braden and Natalie.  He is adorable and so sweet!  They're going to have great times together when they are a bit older.
Lewis, Braden, Krissy, and Natalie (and Gideon on the floor)
I got lots of help with chasing babies and changing diapers.  It's good practice for Lewis . . . and I think he got the diaper on frontwards this time.  :)
We also got to meet Jade, Anna and Kyle's baby girl who was born in July 2011.  She wasn't so happy about this photo shoot in her blessing dress.
Anna, Sarah, Lydia, Emily

Braden and Natalie enjoyed lunch at Wendy's too!
We enjoyed some big sister time shopping at Savers and lunching at Wendy's.  I think of my sisters every time I see Wendy's now.
Natalie, Great Grandma, Braden
We got to spend some time with Grandma Walther too.  She celebrated her 90th birthday in July 2011, and I was really sad that we had to miss the party.  I think we were the only ones missing from the Walther clan.

Natalie Catherine and Grandma Catherine the Great
Natalie Catherine is named after her great grandma, Catherine Jacobsen Walther.  I was so happy that they would get to meet each other!

Braden and Aunt Krissy
Red heads have to stick together!  Braden had tons of fun playing with Aunt Krissy.
Natalie and Lydia
For my birthday, we had root beer floats.  They filled my cup with ice cream and a candle so they could sing happy birthday.  After we removed the candle, they added the root beer.
Emily and Natalie

Braden, Kyle, and Jade
At the end of the trip, my mom flew home with me and the babies.  She was able to stay with us in California for a few days as well.  We really enjoyed getting to spend time with her, especially since Peyton, Maryam, and Tobin didn't get to come to Utah with us.

Emily was the organizer of this fabulous birthday trip.  I am so thankful that she made this happen.  What a sweet sister who listened to my woes, and then took action to help make me happier.  If I had blogged about this sooner, I'm sure I would remember more details about how many dinners we had together and more specific things that we did.  But what I do remember most, and what I'll never forget, is the love I felt from my brothers and sisters and parents who sacrificed so that I could come spend some time with them.  This was one of the best gifts I've ever received!

Time to Catch Up

I haven't blogged in too long.  And I haven't uploaded any pictures in too long.  So, I'm going to start working on several catch up posts.  It's more for me, than for any of you readers.  I'm counting this blog as one of the ways I'm recording things about my life for my posterity.  And I like that I can easily attach pictures here--more easily than in my hand written journal.  So, enjoy a look into the past six months or so as I get myself up to date in the next several posts.