Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where Did February Go?

Well, another month seems to have slipped by without any blogging done.  Oh well.  The good news is that I did manage to feed and clothe my family, do the laundry, keep the house fairly clean, etc.  I guess that will do for now.  I've thought about blogging a few times, but once I actually get to the computer I can't remember the pithy topic I was all set to describe.  Alas . . .

We've had a good month.  Life as usual has continued.  Peyton has his first two loose teeth, with his first two adult teeth coming in behind them.  I make him let me check their wiggliness (is that a word?) every day.  I think the baby teeth will be out any day now.  I think wiggly teeth are so cool!  I remember enjoying the experience as a kid.

Peyton and Maryam were both recommended for visits to the eye doctor after their school eye exams a few weeks ago.  They were both seen at our eye doctor last week and both are getting glasses for reading.  *sigh*  The doctor says they are both on the cusp of either growing out of their farsightedness or getting worse.  We'll wait to see which way they go.  Luckily, we do have insurance, so the cost was not too terrible.  They actually look really cute with their glasses on.  I'll post some pictures once we get them.  I'm worried about glasses getting lost or broken at school.  I've told them that they need to wear their glasses all day at school.  Peyton initially told me he didn't need his glasses for school since he doesn't do reading there.  Ha!  I told him that the work he does at school is like reading and is, in fact, helping him learn to read, so we will include "school work" in the "reading" category for his glasses.

Natalie is doing really well with her physical therapy.  She had an appointment a couple weeks ago, and again her therapist was really happy with her progress.  She expects Natalie to start taking steps on her own in the next few weeks.  We are working with her on cruising the furniture and moving from one surface to another.  She is doing great!

Braden has the cutest smile ever!  And the most terrible whine ever.  I'm working hard to get him to learn more signs.  Either that or I think I will need to be admitted to the mental hospital soon.  His whining really pushes me close to the edge!  He does know several signs, but he usually chooses to use only one - it's sort of a mix of "ball" and "more" and "cracker."  He does that sign for everything, so, sadly, it has come to mean nothing.  Lately, I'm making him do the correct sign (with help, if needed) before I will give him what he wants.  It's a good thing he has that cute smile!  And once I finally figure out what he does want, he utters the cutest little, "Uh huh!" 

I'm sure I've left out some exciting things from our month.  I'll probably remember them when I look through the pictures on my camera again.  Then I'll have something to write about in another post.  And you'll be so excited to see that I've posted more frequently than once a month!